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Is it possible or does the option already exist for a Buyer to request a shot/picture/graphic which is not on your library? For example; I live in Johannesburg and perhaps a Buyer needs a specific shot like the statue of Mandela in Mandela Square or the Mandela Bridge. I could organize/shoot the request and if the Buyer is happy with it then we could negotiate a price that will be beneficial to all parties. If the Buyer is not happy, then the media could still be added to the library for sale. If the Buyer wants to use a specific Contributor then they should be able to approach that Contributor. If the Contributor does not want to or is unable to supply the request then the option is open to other Contributors in the area on a show reel presentation basis, then the Buyer could decide who to use. It would be far more affordable than flying to Johannesburg and booking a camera person with gear. I think there would need to be a specific license deal in that the Buyer will have a year exclusivity on the media before it is opened to all Buyers. Yes/No, in principle what do you guys out there think?

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    We do have a footage request forum, where buyers can request specific items that we may not have, or may be very hard to find. There isn't any special licensing involved, it's just a regular web forum.

    We're always thinking about new ways to connect buyers and sellers, and finding ways to improve how we handle footage requests is something we can cirtanly continue to work on. :)

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