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yep thats days of waiting for (pending review) come on pond5

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    Hi Nicholas,

    Current curation wait times across formats are as follows...

    Video - 9 days
    Photo - 19 days
    Audio - 3 days
    Illustration - 3 days

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    why so long time?

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    Music ID#:47804771
    I uploaded this track 6 days ago And I am still waiting the rewiev!

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    Why it takes so long? other websites like Facebook, youtube they just reply you in 24-48 hours.

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    Please remember that Pond5 is a stock media marketplace, not a social media website, or even a media sharing website. We function VERY differently than Facebook and YouTube. Most operations on those sites, even when you upload media, are 100% automated. Real humans don't get involved unless something has been reported. At Pond5, every single item uploaded must be reviewed by a real human being. We're not as big as Facebook or YouTube yet, but we're big enough that it can take several days before your newly uploaded item is reviewed. :)

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    Why are you offended? Don't worry take your time and review. Just asked because I didn't know why it takes so long.

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    Outsource people in India or something

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    I have video It's been 11 days and (pending review) ?


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    Hi have photos pending doe's this restrict me from downloading more photos i have tried but no joy regards John

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    psssh, try 3 months for video. I think they want your birth certificate and Drivers License when you upload now.

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