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As a contributor, I would like to know something about who's buying my footage, if only to get a glimpse on how the footage is being used. I think it would be neat to somehow see the finished projects or videos where our footage is being utilized. Maybe simply making our artist pages more socially friendly, with the ability to post status's, more artist info, or the ability for buyers to be able to connect with the artist. Maybe that would create a synergy of better content delivery and customers buying more content from the artist. I first was introduced to P5 has a buyer of content for a production company, but now that I am concentrating more on my cinematography and specifically shooting content for P5, I think that there can be some improvements from an artist level that might help us increase our profile visibility. I totally dig P5 and how easy it is to sell & buy content & hope to do more of both!!

I love how it works and the variety of content that is available for the open market! Keep up the good work

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    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the thoughts! Yeah, we're constantly thinking about what tools our artists need, and what we can do to get them for you. We want to provide our artists with more, and more useful metrics information, definitely.

    Right now, the best thing we have to offer is the artist resources page. It's for the whole site, not just your account, but you can find metrics on sales and search terms there. :)

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