Better management of Collections, ability to move and edit items between collections in a smoother way


Im sorry Pond5, love your clips and your service, but the UX is shitty when it comes to Collections...they're awkward, weird to use, does not allow you to manage them in an effective and efficient way...

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    No offense taken, personally I think you're spot on. The collections feature has a bit of a patchwork past. It wasn't initially designed for some of the things it's used for today, and sort of evolved as we discovered how both our buyers and our sellers like to use them. The result is something that's a little clunky, I completely get what you mean.

    We do plan on giving the collections feature an overhaul at some point, but I don't think it's high on the priority list right now. I'll bring it up with the team though, thanks for sharing! :)

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