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I am new here and am wondering if there is a strategy to get my page looked at by potential buyers? With so many users now, is the tagging the most critical? I have also been reviewing the most searched for items and trying to look at my catalog of photos and upload that way. Is there a way to reference those that are looking for something you may have to share with them? Thank you!

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    Tagging, titles, and descriptions are among the most critical things for you to pay attention to, yes. But there are cirtanly other things you can do to up your exposure. Consider using our collections feature, for example. You can create collections of your work, maybe some of your favorite items, or the ones you think are the cream of the crop, then share those collections over the web and social media.

    As for finding search terms that are in use, the best thing I can recommend is to check out artist resources. You can click on the "search terms" tab near the top to see what's being searched for these days. You can ignore most of the columns, except for the first and last one. The first one is the search term, and the last one, AvgTotalNbrRes, stands for Average Total Number of Results. So the number there is the average number of files returned for that search term. For example, the search term "roads" will, on average, return 183474 results on Pond5. You can click on the AvgTotalNbrRes column header to sort that way. You may have to click it twice to get it in ascending/descending order.

    I know that's not quite what you were asking for, but it's the closest thing we have right now. :)

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