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I wonder if there can be a featured music file represented on homepage for a week. It would help talented artists to get exposure. If every artist can mark a track as candidate, pond5 can pick one of them every week and feature it on homepage. This way, artists would spend more energy to make their item better in case of getting featured. Every week could be a new chance for everyone. It's like a competition. It's fun, beneficial and gives people a purpose. And most importantly, it would replace top selling outdated items with better ones.

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    Hi Ramazan,

    Actually we already have that! Check out our free file of the week, at the bottom of the Pond5.com home page, or linked below. :)


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    But it's free and for footages only. What had in mind is more like audiojungle's system. They put the file on homepage where everyone can easly see. And since they are not free, they make lot's of profit and place the weeky top sellers and they keep selling for months.

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