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I'm trying to organise a lot of our media into collections so that people who come to our page can see, for example, all the snakes, or all the spiders in one place rather than having to comb through all our shots. Some of these collections have worked perfectly, and appear on our Pond5 page, but some don't show at all until you go to 'show all collections'. Is there some kind of limit or rule that I'm not understanding by any chance? I can't figure out why some work and others don't. Thanks :)

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    Hi Ray,
    If a collection isn't appearing, the first thing to check is if the collection is public or not. If you mouse over the "gear" icon on the collection tray and see the option "make this collection public" just click on that to make it public, and it should appear on your artist page. There's a limit to how many can appear there, but it just goes down the list in the order you see in the collection tray drop down selection menu.
    We're planning some improvements to the artist page that will change how this work for the better though, so stay tuned! :)

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    Thanks - I think it must just be the limit to how many I can see on the main page. Looking forward to the improvements - being able to group the media is really helpful!!

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