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Over a year ago I made a request to create a better system for attaching releases. I was told that something was in the works. A year later nothing has changed. Are you still working on this? With the current set up it is very tedious to attach releases to clips that have lots of people in them. You can only attach one at a time and when the page reloads the clip is no longer selected. There needs to be a system like at SS where you can choose the clip and then select all the releases needing to be attached to the clip and apply them all at once.

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    Hi Jake,

    There is a better way to manage releases, yes. You can attach them with a CSV file. Just use the column title "release" and enter the release file name into those fields. You'll have to have the releases uploaded to your account first, but then you can batch attach them with the CSV.

    Really, that's still not optimal, and we want to improve it further, but I hope that helps in the meantime. :)

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