Why can't I see my portfolio?


I can't see my own media for some reason.. this is what it says:

Alex Martínez's Stock Media
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    There is a known issue currently affecting some artists. It prevents your items from appearing on a direct view of the portfolio page. Don't worry, we're already working on it.

    While it's understandably disconcerting to see your portfolio vanish, rest assured that it is still there, fully intact. Your items are still fully functional and searchable. Try changing the media type in the search bar while viewing your empty profile page, and you'll see that your items will return in a results page.

    This is not the intended functionality though, and we'll return the portfolios to their previously visible states just as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to correct the problem.

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    Same situation :(((

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    Same issue. Not a great start trying to see if it's worth selling footage here.  


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    Hey Yuria, I see that someone from our support team has already taken care of you.

    Hello Kasparus,

    I have reviewed your account and see that the items you uploaded yesterday are currently in the queue for curation. When artists upload files to Pond5, they must first go through a curation process to determine weather the files will be accepted for sale on the site, based on quality and content. Please allow some more time and you will receive a message when your items have been reviewed.  Please also feel free to support@pond5.com if you have any additional questions, we will be happy to help!

    By Isabel  -   - 
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     I have 7 years of files but on my homepage is "Zero Files". And if I find one of the files it does not show more from the artist or in the same collection and link to home page gets me to home page with 0 files. 

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    Hey Branislava,  I see we are already taking good care of you via email.

    If anyone requires immediate assistance, please know our support team is always happy to help right away.

    By Isabel  -   - 
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