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I'm trying to upload audio, but am stuck at the Attach Release stage. I've uploaded a release, and bring it up and select it in the drop down menu, but when I hit "execute" I get "Warning: Nothing is selected". I have no idea what this means. Thanks, if you can help! :)

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    Hi Viranga,

    It looks like your item was not uploaded fully. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to upload this template again, apologies for the inconvenience. 

    When uploading again, please make sure that your file is in accordance with our AE Upload Specifications and let us know if you encounter any issues.

    Please feel free to contact us directly at support@pond5.com if you require immediate assistance and we will be happy to help.

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    Hi Mike, 

    Over the past few days we've noticed that users using safari as their browser have been experiencing a similar error. Could you please try switching browser? Chrome or Firefox work best on our site. Although this is by no means a solution, it is a temporary workaround until we determine the root of the problem.  

    If after switching browser, you are still experiencing issues, please contact support@pond5.com

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    hi I'm trying to upload lower third project .mov.zip ( Techno Lower Third folder new)

    .my normal upload done it,my files is completely uploaded,it processing more days,now over .but no Status result what to do next, where is my item now.????? I have no idea what this means. Thanks,

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    Similar issue. The releases don't seem to upload. I have tried both Safari and Firefox with no luck. I also tried both PNG and PDF. Should it be instant or does it take time for it to show up after uploading?

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    Hey Viranja, 

    We're sorry about the uploading issues you have been experiencing. Our uploader is working fine but our system is stricter now when processing AE templates, so we would ask you to please ensure you have prepared your files strictly in accordance to our specs, especially the preview file:  

    The .AEP file itself (If including multiple versions, please keep naming conventions simple)
    The Video Preview to be used on the site must be named Preview.mov. (.MOV compressed in h.264, minimum 1280x720 resolution).
    A full resolution still frame (jpg)
    A text file/help document for the user to refer to when working with your project.
    All elements/assets used in the project (must be owned/created by you)

    If this is how your file has been prepared and you are still experiencing issues, could you please send a screenshot of all the elements from your zip folder to support@pond5.com and we will be happy to investigate further. 

    Brian, I see that there was a delay with the uploaded release on our end but it is now appearing. Has the issue been resolved or can we assist with anything more?

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