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why my picture or footage not sale?


Why my picture or footage not sale?
Since I upload first until now my files cannot sale only 1 picture ,I want to know what is problem.

Thank you.

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    Hello Worawit, 

    We are sorry to hear you have been experiencing lack of sales. 

    First of all, the best thing you can do is review your files and make sure that your titles and keywords are as accurate and descriptive as they can be! How you title and keyword your work is very important as it was drives traffic to your files, and ultimately sales. Therefore, ensuring that you are doing so well, without irrelevant keywords can be a huge boost. 

    I see that a lot of your content is seasonal. Around Christmas time, or Valentines Day, it would be a good idea to post links of your work on other online sites, Facebook for instance, driving people to your content.

    Additionally, you are welcome to take a look through our Artist Resources page. Here you will find tons of very valuable metric information, such as what kinds of files comprise what percentage of the sites sales, the most commonly searched key words, and so much more information that we think are useful for our artists.


    Hope this helps. Lets keep an eye on your sales over the next few weeks and see if there is an improvement.

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