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Logos & Idents Music Category


i'd love to have a Logos & Idents category in your Music department
Customers could quickly choose this category if they need something short for their video intro.After Effects authors could use previews of the items in Logos & Idents category in their Logo reveals and making hyperlinks to the music they used in their item. Is it diificult to add a new music category?


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    Hi Vitaliy,

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm afraid that's very unlikely to happen. As per our license agreement, you are not permitted to use Pond5 content in the making of a logo, and this includes audio. Specifically, audio sounds played with the logo as a trademark sound or jingle are not allowed.

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    Hi Jonathan, I just read your answer. I was not aware of this. No wonder I haven't sold one single audio logo ;-) Can you please explain why this is not permitted?

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    @Stan - I believe it's a legality thing. Logos and other intellectual property like that come with their own bundle of unique legal catches, and it's much safer both for Pond5 and for our artists if we just don't allow it.

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