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Better Sorting and Keywording


I love Pond 5 and use it nearly every day for work. I spend a decent amount of time searching for music, and thus, I'm very familiar with searching for a type of song using a keyword and then being confronted by 40,000 search results. This isn't really much more helpful than just blindly browsing random genres, especially since many of the songs that are brought up have nothing to do with the style I'm looking for.

My suggestion? Limit each song to only having 3 keywords associated with it. Most of the songs that are brought up currently have dozens of keywords. I think people do that because they assume the more keywords they use, the more likely they are to have people land on them, even by accident. This is silly because sellers naturally start shotgunning keywords onto their songs whether they are relevant or not. And that's why searching using keywords is almost totally useless on Pond 5, when it could quite easily become the most powerful feature on the site.

Limit each song to 3 keywords only, and suddenly each artist has to choose carefully how to describe each song. Some might even pick up a thesaurus now and again because the more accurately and specifically they can describe the song, the more likely it will be for them to reach their target audience and separate themselves from the other 40,000 dummies who, under other circumstances, would attach every single adjective they know to every single song they upload. This would, in turn, make my job a whole lot easier, because whenever I search for "prehistoric dinosaur swamp" the search will return 4 or 5 songs that are exactly in the genre I'm looking for instead of tens of thousands of seemingly random songs that only serve to frustrate and get in the way.

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    I appreciate your suggestion, and I'll be sure to mention it. Currently, our limit for keywords on any one item is 50.

    I have an edit button on my posts, but I take it you don't see one on yours? If that's the case, then I must thank you, that's an issue we'd not have been aware of otherwise. :)

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    Just a quick editorial comment: I just realized in Pond 5, they are called Tags, not Keywords. Same thing basically, just trying to be absolutely clear on what I'm talking about.

    Also, there should be a way to edit your post after you've submitted it. :)

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    Hi there,

    As a seller at Pond5.com, I am confronted with the issue of how to make my uploads (music and sound effects) visible on searches, like for example, how to make my materials be on the top 10 results of a search. is there any tip on these? Limiting to 3 - 5 keywords, is this really effective?Is the approach same as doing SEO?

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    Hi Armor Rapista,

    Limiting yourself to 3-5 keywords in the current system won't help you since everybody else will still be slinging dozens of keywords around. It's unfortunate because the current system works against both buyers and sellers. You're frustrated because you can't differentiate your music from anybody else, and I'm frustrated because it often takes hours of randomly scrolling before I find music that is appropriate for my projects. Glancing around the other suggestions around here, this is obviously a common problem for a lot of people. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty confident something like what I suggested above would do the trick and shouldn't be at all difficult to implement.

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