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Can't get the money.


Can't get the money. Request a transfer to Paypal, but they do not reach. Why?

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    Hi there,

    All payouts are sent on the 15th of each month.

    To ensure you receive your payout, please make sure your balance is over $25, your (Your Username)>Financial>Payment Preferences are up to date, and you have requested payout on the (Your Username)>Financial page.

    If all three of these steps have been taken, then you will be paid on the 15th. Keep in mind that due to global time zones, you may receive your payout on the 16th.

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    I can't recieve my money via PayPal either..// paypal account is properly registered, money show up to be payed but next hour - they are on my Pond5 balance again... what can be the problem?

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    @Yevgeniy - Please contact support@pond5.com for help with your payout issue. We'll be happy to investigate, and get you taken care of.

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