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unable to upload audio files


I am trying to upload music, and it is impossible. Opens a file selection window, I click it and then nothing happens. Why?


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    Unfortunately artists are unable to upload content until their ID has been verified. I have checked and can see that you have not yet uploaded your ID for verification. Please feel free to upload your ID document under Uploads-->Identification tab.

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    Hi, I have the same problem but my ID has been verified. I have uploaded music before so i don't understand what is wrong!

    Thank you


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    Hi Thomas, I'm sorry to hear this. What error message are you receiving? Are you uploading via ftp or the site uploader?
    Could you firstly try changing browser (Chrome works best with our site) and uploading one file at a time, perhaps trying the alternative uploader. Please also double check that your files conform to our Upload Specifications for your media type. Please contact us directly at support@pond5.com if you are still unable to upload any files and we will be more than happy to troubleshoot further for you. 

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    I am uploading via the site uploader. I receive no error message, when i click to upload a song, folders appears but when i click on the song, nothing happens. If i drop it directly, a player is plying the song but that's all!

    Thank you for your response!


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    Hmm perhaps your browser was weak at the time, could you please switch your browser to Chrome and attempt this upload again?  If this problem persists, please contact us at support@pond5.com and we will investigate further.

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