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Music for Fitness video blog



Could you perhaps help me with finding the following:
1. Me and my sister are producing a home-made weekly video-blog for fitness.
We will be releasing every week a new show (each show is 5-10 minutes long)
My sister is hosting the show. She is doing the exercises while talking and explaining how to workout.
We need music which fits fitness.
2. Since this is a weekly video-blog (and not a one time clip)
We will require more than just 1 song.  What would you recommend?
Perhaps you have some piece of music mix, which is 1 hour long ?
That way, with a longer track, I can cut parts of it for each show.
3.  Of course, I will need to know the best possible license fees for our show.
We are a team of 2 (me and my sister)
The video-blog will be free. so, for the time being, the show will have no profits.
But in the future we hope to produce more premium show and then we hope to make an income.
Hope to hear back from you,
Warm regards,

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    Hey Tal, that sounds really great! It sounds like you would need to purchase a few pieces of music, so you would firstly need to create a free account and search for fitness related media on the Homepage. By purchasing media from our site, you are allowed to use them under our Royalty-Free License Agreement which allows for worldwide, perpetual use, across all media and all licensing costs are covered.

    There are 2 ways you may purchase media from the site, a-la-cart or through a membership package. If you decide to purchase media a la carte, the prices of our media are clearly displayed on each file. When searching, you can get a closer look by hovering your cursor over the Thumbnail to see a clip’s title and current price.

    Alternatively, you could purchase a membership package. We have 2 packages, but the Premium membership would best fit your audio requirements. As a Premium member, you would receive 10 free downloads a month from our enhanced Membership Collection and an additional 10% off all items in our Core Collection for $139 a month. 

    Please contact us directly and we would be more than happy to discuss your options further with you.You are welcome to call us back at +1 (646) 233-2155 between 10am and 8pm EST, Monday through Friday, chat to us live or write to us at support@pond5.com, at any time.


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