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Using the Content downloadet from pond5 for external Productions


We do many Postproduction works on behalf of Film production Companys.

At the End the Film is published by the Film production Company and their Customers. Not publishes by my self!

If I use for example a After Effects Template for my work that I have downloadet from pond5, do I have the right to use this Template and give the whole Film with the Template included to these Production Companys and their Customers?

Sorry for my bad Englisch and thank you for your answer.


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    Thanks for checking with us! So long as the template is incorporated into the film as a new work for distribution. Once you are not providing the company with the original material and there is no way for them to extract it for their own use this should be perfectly fine. Please make sure to read over our the restrictions in section 4 of our Content License agreement to make sure your use is fully covered. If you have any additional questions please know you can contact us directly at support@pond5.com and we will be happy to help.

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