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Due to the recent changes to copyright law in the USA I can no longer use one of the tracks I purchased, according to APRA (Australia). Luckily the other 2 I brought were OK as the artists are not listed with BMI (and whoever is the other organisation like BMI).

Are you able to offer a link to music tracks from artists that I am not likely to have a problem with when APRA checks up on them?

The tracks need to be 3 minutes or longer. The music is used as a backing track for on-hold messages.

Thanks. I need more music soon, so I will be buying more tracks off you as soon as I get your answer.

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    There is indeed an option to filter your search to only display tracks which are not listed with a PRO, such as BMI. Unfortunately, there is no option to filter by a specific PRO. 

    If an audio track is registered with a P.R.O. it is listed in the file’s full page preview information. Please know, there are no additional costs or fees to purchase a PRO clip from Pond5. If the music piece will be broadcasted on television, you will simply need to submit a cue sheet to the appropriate performance rights organization to report the usage. Here is an article with lots of helpful information about working with PRO listed music. 


    If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us directly at support@pond5.com and we will be happy to take care of you. 

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