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Cannot find the song I downloaded an audio preview of!


I downloaded a preview of a song a few months ago for a client's video. Now that the song is approved, I am trying to find it so that I can buy the actual version. However, as far as I can tell, there's no way to find it in search. The song is called "051630949-strolling-along" and I've tried searching every possible combination of those words/ID number.

I need this immediately. Please help!

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    Hi Matt,

    Unfortunately, this file has been removed from our library and as we give our artists the freedom to upload and remove files as they wish, I am afraid this item is  no longer available for sale. I see you have been in contact with our support team, hopefully we can help you find an alternative similar file.

    Please contact support@pond5.com if you require immediate assistance and we are always happy to take care of you right away. 

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