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Can I use an instrumental track purchased on POND5 as background music.  We will add spoken word over the instrumental track and then will sell it on iTunes. Please advise

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    You would firstly need to check weather the track you are using is Cleared for Sampling. Unless the Audio Content is designated on the Website as Being "Cleared for Sampling", you would be unable to add your own vocals for sale of the track.

    The music could be used in a film or commercial, or as background music in an audio book or podcast, with vocals added over. However, it cannot be used as the basis of a song, for people to simply add their lyrics/vocals. When it comes to reselling this as your own piece of work, this would not be covered.

    I would advise you to check out our Extended licenses to determine which license you would need for this usage --> https://www.pond5.com/extended-licenses

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