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Good day, curator Simon asked how to apply the model to release my latest uploaded video as soon as possible. I can not understand exactly what the video needs to make releases. Thank you very much for the answer.

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    Hello Андрей, 

    Thanks for checking with us! I have reached out to you directly explaining in more detail why releases are required for these 3 videos. Please feel free to follow up if you have any additional questions!  

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    I do not argue that the releases are needed, I just don `t know how to add at this stage (

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    Apologies for the misunderstanding on my part. Please follow the below instructions:

    • Firstly, go to the Uploads page (change max per Page to 800 if there are many items) and mark the box of these specific items.
    • Next, scroll to the bottom of the page to Actions and select Attach Release.
    • Finally, please select the correct release from the dropdown menu


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