How do I download my own file from my account? My hard drive died ;)


Title says it all. I need to grab a clip I have on Pond5.

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    Hello Casey, 

    We have activated the download links, for all the files you own. Simply log into your account, and pull up all your files that are Online in your Uploads Page. 

    You should be able to see a Download link on each of your files when you click on the white EDIT pull down button, as illustrated here:


    If you need anything else, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to assist!

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    Hey Isabel, that option seems to be missing for my profile. How would I re-enable it? http://i.imgur.com/2P6yxBb.png

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    Hey Jeff,

    This is a feature which we manually adjust for artists on our end to download their own uploaded files, not buyers. For buyers, you can go ahead and download your purchased files from your Downloads Page. If your files are not appearing available for download, simply pop a message to support@pond5.com with the Transaction ID and we will be happy to reactivate those files for you! :) 

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