I'm having problems uploading footage


I'm having problems uploading footage.
The files are big, like 800 MB or even 1 GB. Normally, I was uploading using the interface in Pond5 web, but when the upload is already done, the files never appear in my "Needs Edit" list..
So I was trying using ftp with FileZilla and as well I'm having massive issues with this.

It start happening now, the last two weeks and really I'm getting mad uploading my files.
Is there any problem with the server?
Should I try with another software for upload? I already tryied with Cyberduck and the files are uploading until there's an error message and it's cut.
Please, tell me what is happening, I'm loosing a lot of time with this
Thank you and sorry for my poor english!-)

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    Hi Anna - This could be caused by a few things, but we'll look into your particular case as best we can.  Please write in to support@pond5.com with your username, your issue, and if possible, send us an example of the file so we can troubleshoot it on our end.  In the mean time, you may want to try uploading larger files via an FTP client.

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