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Hi, please consider easier deletion of clips, maybe add delete in "Actions" drop down menu? Currently only way is to delete each clip one by one, am I missing something?

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    Hey Milan, 

    Thank you for your much appreciated feedback, I will be sure to pass this along to our team and see if we can facilitate the file deletion process for our artists.

    You can manually delete files as you have mentioned.You can delete Rejected files on your account in bulk from your Uploads page by marking the items, and selecting Delete Rejected from the Actions dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.

    If you are referring to files in Needs Edits status, this cannot be done in bulk at this time unfortunately. Please feel free to provide our support team with a list of the relevant clip ID's and we would be happy to delete them for you from our end. 

    We hope this helps. If we can assist you with anything else, please don't hesitate to our support team for assistance.

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