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I am a bit confused on what should be expected when associated files are submitted.


I submitted the following


According to the help files, I should have THREE files associated based on the line above, but I only have 2 showing.


Another time I tried to associate 4 files, but only 3 are showing.


Is this normal?

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    Hey Israel, 

    Thanks for reaching out! I have reviewed the files which were most recently associated for you, on Saturday. These items have not yet been submitted to the queue for curation and are therefore not appearing online associated. 

    - Please click on your files in Needs Edits status on your account to edit and add the required information: keywords, a description, camera information, prices, etc. When all your editing has been done, such as adding keywords, title, price etc, next you'll need to 'Save and Submit for Review’. Or, you can select all of them, and go to Actions - Submit to Curator.

    - Once this is done, your files will update to Pending review status until they have been reviewed by the curators.

    - Upon review and approval of your files, you may then request an association request :)

    However, if you are referring to online files, please  reach out to our support team with the clip id's which should have been associated, and we will be more than happy to investigate further.  

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