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Hi,i'm wondering why there's only one standart license option for music. Audiojungle has recently adding new license tiers for tv/film broadcasting. Other rf sites like audiosparx were already have these tiers. I believe approximate prices for now should be for youtube videos,school projects and short films etc. We should add extra tiers for tv broadcast,film productions and video games that sells. The price can be 5-6 times greater than standart license. People who want to license the music for their big budget projects can easly afford the higher price. I would like to know if Pond5 has a plan for this idea.Thanks

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    We've seen this request from time to time in the past, but the thing is that our current license is already so flexible that it would be challenging to come up with a better license to charge more for. We already grant lifetime, unlimited, world-wide usage, in perpetuity, across all media platforms in our royalty free license agreement. And we're not big fans of charging different prices based on usage alone. I mean, it's not fair to charge person A more just because they want to use it in their film vs person B who just wants to put it on their website.

    But the point about wanting more licensing options is still valid. It's hard to say right now what sorts of options we may be able to offer in the future, but it is something we'll keep thinking and talking about.

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    I've sold a track for 20$ for a big budget indie movie once,i'm pretty sure they would especially like to license at higer price for their indie movie to be sure there will be no limitations. I believe you guys can add new tiers and license features for these custumers.

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    I agree with you on some points,but being fair is all about perspective,it can change.If you look at the perspective of music producer,avarage price that "we need to set" is too low for tv broadcasting,it costs expensive to produce this kind of music and big budget production that reachs millions of audience have big budget,i mean 20$ for movie soundtrack? That is not fair in our perspective and i believe to be fair to both custumers and producers,there should be different license options duo to potantial audience size. Setting 20$ for a music track does not mean producers actually make profit.They are forced to this due to chaotic "set your own" price system and give custumers an avarage price to judge any high prices tracks as overpriced. There is simple psychology in this. People were selling their tracks at 2$ last year until you guys limit the threshold at 5$. I mean if there is no leading to the price management,there will be enormous competitive prices within the pond5 itself,and it will hurt everyone. Pond5 has a lot to offer to it's custumers but not too much to it's sellers. The license options can be at least optional for us,even though there will be competition between us unless you take the control. I hope the system has change and make benefits for all of us.Thanks.

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    I strongly disagree with Ramazan.
    I'm an indie game developer and I'm currently near the end of my first project. Some of the effects and music tracks are over $20 each and to me that is a lot of money, in fact I'm buying them as I can afford them which is one or two tracks every week or 2 weeks.
    Us indie programmers have no idea how much money we will make from a game or app, I have spoken to a few programmers on forums who have spent a year making an app and made less than $200 for thousands of hours of work. Personally I've spent 8 months and over 3000 hours creating my app with no idea if it will even make any money.
    I understand the frustration if a sound track actually gets used in a big budget movie costing millions but you also have to think about indie producers with little or no budget at all.
    It's a gamble, and for every successful movie or game app there are thousands of failures.
    If the music or graphics were any more expensive on Pond5 then I would have no option but to make them myself, which I can do and so can many other people in my industry, what would happen then Ramazan?

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    I see your concern,if the intended audience size is small,the license fee will be also small.There must be a balance between them.If your audience size gets bigger,you should upgrade your license to a bigger one.

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    At first glance - it is good idea, but at second...

    Buyers already identify Pond5 as place with one-price-for-all approach.

    Changing price will change customer's base - I seriously doubt that such change will bring me better net income, to be honest.

    I think this way - want extra monies - go P.R.O. (PRS, ASCAP etc..) - even if you license your track for zero bucks it still can catch some backends for you in future (little chance with RF site as P5 but who really knows).

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