Which download format is highest quality?


Your three choices are the same resolution and 24 frames per second. Is one better than the others? If not, what would make someone choose one over the others? I've been using 30 frames per second. Would these work in my projects? Or is everything now tending toward 24 fps and best to change to that?

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    Hello Sondra, thanks for the question!

    Depending on your production, you could want a different frame rate. For instance, if you're wanting a "film" look, you'll want to go with 24 fps. It's more "digital" looking if you go with 30 fps, but many people use 30 fps in their productions., especially on the web.

    You can easily convert 30 fps clips into 24 fps, but it's a little more difficult to go from 24 to 30. It can result in added frames and could change the overall look and feel of your piece.



    If it's something with more action, you may want to shoot a higher frame rate, but if it's something more artistic or "film" like, then you may want to shoot at 24 fps.



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