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How can i get my videos to receive more views?  I have many uploaded but I am becoming discouraged on the lack of views.

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    Hey Oliver, thanks for contacting us!

    There are many ways you can try to increase your views on your clips! You can use the share buttons on each clip's page and share them on our Facebook/Twitter feeds, you can share them on YOUR facebook/twitter/instagram/vine/etc. feed, you can do anything to point people to your content online, basically. We have artists doing this on a daily basis, if you see our social network feeds!

    You can edit together a reel of your own favorite videos and upload them to Youtube or Vimeo, promoting your work and then link back to us on social networks. You can go into our forums page and post your videos on the corresponding threads, as well!

    Along with all of these ways, I would also check with other artists in the forum and see what things they've done specifically to boost their clip views.

    Pond5 Crew

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    Will this put the products higher up on the search page? Is it based on amount of views?

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