Various frustrations with your user interface


I like your site, but as I'm trying to use it more and more I find I have a number of issues.

Firstly, I am frustrated by your "Collections" system.  We have begun moving our purchases from iStockPhoto to Pond5 but managing collections on Pond5 is frankly just really bad compared with managing "lightboxes" on iStockphoto.  I would like to have a page where I can see a list of all my collections.  From this list I can click into any collections full page view.  On the full page view, I would like to have a list view of all items in the collection with price info (as opposed to the info window which appears on hover over each item).  I would like to be able to easily move media from one collection to another as we cull and narrow down choices before making final selections.  I find the bar at the bottom of the window to be clunky and useless.

Second: when viewing items in the shopping cart, we should be able to select an item and open its detail page, just as we can do from search results and collections.  As it is now, if there is something in my cart that I need to review, I have to try to find it again in a collection or re-do the search in order to open it up and review it.  Not a good user experience.

Third:  PLEASE STOP AUTOPLAY OF MEDIA when opening a file's detail window.  I often go through a search result list or a collection and choose various clips or sounds to open in new tabs so I can quickly review them and download comps.  Because everything autoplays I end up with a cacophony of  sound and have to go into each tab one by one and click pause.  HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.  PLEASE STOP WITH THE AUTOPLAY.

Thank you.

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