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I would like to have a page where I can see a list of all my collections.  From this list I can click into any collections full page view.  On the full page view, I would like to have a list view of all items in the collection with price info (as opposed to the info window which appears on hover over each item).  I would like to be able to easily move media from one collection to another as we cull and narrow down choices before making final selections.  I find the bar at the bottom of the window to be clunky and useless.

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    This is something we are planning to add to the site.

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    Hi Ryan, this does not work for me. Do the collections need to be public? The only way for me to see or interact with any of my collections is to use the bottom tray.

    The new version of the site has a better media player, but I find myself constantly switching back to the old version of the site because it has much better collection editing controls.

    The two main key features of the old design: (1) When viewing a full page collection - there is a selection list allowing you to change which full page collection you are viewing. (2) There are checkboxes allowing us to move multiple items to another (the active) bin.

    Thanks for listening.

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    It is impossible to see all collections on the artist info page. It shows only a max of 25 without any tool or function to see more. 

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    Please make all the collections visible in the artist page otherwise this is almost useless for the buyer too see only 25 collections since I have 230+ collections based on every location or category of clips.

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    So since this is marked as done - P5 ignores the fact that it still really isn't. What the heck is going on over there? 

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