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PLEASE STOP AUTOPLAY OF MEDIA when opening a file's detail window.  I often go through a search result list or a collection and choose various clips or sounds to open in new tabs so I can quickly review them and download comps.  Because everything autoplays I end up with a cacophony of  sound and have to go into each tab one by one and click pause.  

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    sounds like a user-definable "toggle" option would work for both of you. That is something we're planning to account for.

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    This definitely sounds frustrating, though I'm not sure it's a way that many people use the site.  Would something like a toggle option for autoplay work?

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    Maybe only autoplay items with no sound?  Or make it a user-definable "cookie" setting?

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    Seems not resolved yet. Would it be possible to provide the embed code in a form that does not auto-play? Thanks.

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    +1 for no autoplay.
    I think its ok to have some video clips autoplaying in different tabs but we have music tracks too.
    It is a different thing.
    I still have to fly between tabs in my browser to stop playing audio clips - very annoying.

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