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Hi! Added to the cart shows all the files that have been added to the cart no matter the time or whether they were bought or not. As a seller, I do not know if an ATC has transformed into a sale nor what is the last ATC-ed file. I kindly ask you to take into consideration adding an option of sorting by 'last added to the cart' and also to connect atcs to sale so that when a sale is made the atc drops by one.

God bless you all!

Christian I. Ionescu(alias Regele IONESCU)

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    On which page would you like this sorting avaliable?

    As for the other request, let me see if I understand you correctly - you want to have the ATC numbers tied directly into sales, so that it's updated live, and you can see when an ATC translates into a Sale?  This sounds like it would be a component of a larger fix of the whole stats reporting system, which is planned.

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    1. Sort by 'last added to the cart' should be on the 'my uploads' page.

    2. I see the process like folllowing: userX makes one ATC > ATC grows by one. Later(no matter when),  the same userX buys the file, the ATC drops by one. So, if a file has one ATC and 1 sale the after sale ATC=0.

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    I like this idea as well. The ATC isn't really useful if the number just keep going up. Once cart has been emptied by a sale, deduct that number from the ATC. I would also suggest that if a sale is not made within a given period that it is also removed. i.e. 3 months?

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    I need to refine a bit my request:

    1. Sort by last ATC should be a page of itself(like clip sells from http://www.pond5.com/index.php?page=my_financials).
    2. It should present all the clips that have ATC >0 
    3. It should sort them by the date of ATC.
    4. If a file has more than one ATC, each ATC should be listed individually. (e.g: a file  with three ATCs should have three different entries into the list, one for each ATC.
    5. Once the user that generated the ATC buys the file, that ATC should be erased from the files ATCs count and from the list of ATCs.
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    If I might be so bold as to add my opinion, I think this feature as specified would be a great tool for us sellers!  

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    Yes, I would love it if the ATC feature was connected directly to actual sales. If a clip is added to a cart and then sold, the number comes out of the cart. That way, the ATC feature has real meaning.

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    Hi guys! i am a new seller and i am also confused about the hole ATC thing i totally agree to Christian I. Ionescu idea.

    thumbs up Christian!!

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