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It would be great to know what search keywords someone used to find a clip. Once a sale is made that data could be added to our 'sales data' page.

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    Great suggestion Alan, I'll be sure to pass this along!

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    This would be the best thing since sliced bread

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    Yes, this would be great!

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    of course this is useful information!

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    great idea

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    This isn't quite what you're asking for, but I wanted to let you all know that there is a "search terms" tab for our artist resources page.


    On the left you'll see search terms that have been entered, and way on the right is a number. That's the Average Total Number of Results for that term. So, it's not as good at telling you what people are searching for, so much as how much of what people are searching for we have.

    We hope to improve artists resources so that you can have access to more and better information.

    By Jonathan  -   - 
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