Redo the entire upload interface


The upload interface is the worst of any site I submit to, for photos.  Popping up a dialogue box every time I add a release, or set a price.  Having to click select boxes down the side of the page, when the image is on the opposite side of the page.  It's all very pasted together, non-intuitive and 2005ish.  Check out depositphotos for a better one, or graphicleftovers for ideas.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. We are in the process of redesigning the upload interface. 

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    I can think of worse.  But that said, improvements are always welcomed.

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    Whatever changes you make, please make sure that your site continues to recognize the clips metadata.  Your is the only site that does this right now and it makes my uploading process so much easier because all the keywords and descriptions are already embedded in the metadata.  Thanks.  I love it here at P5.


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