More visible "advanced search button" or advanced search menu by default for customers


For the moment advanced search button it's not so visible for customers. Too small and unmarked icon.

A more visible advanced search button will help customers to refine their search in terms of prices, formats, frame rates, model and property releases...

Even better will be if advanced search menu will appear by default after a keyword is searched. That can be easily closed if the customer did not want to use it.

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    Hey Sev, thanks for adding this feature request! Like I said before, I think this is a great idea, and hopefully others give it many votes!



    Pond5 Crew

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    I found the icon, but dont have so many options.

    I am tring to find a music with more less five minutes and the advanced search just give me the option "more than 2"

    Is so many musics

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    Carlos, You can search with this code: durationgt:300  where duration means time gt means graterthan and 300 are calculated in seconds (5minutes=300seconds)

    Good Luck!

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