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Download ALL files option would be great for multiple files. I just bought about 30 video clips and I'm downloading each one at a time. I'd like a button to select file format option and DOWNLOAD ALL so I can walk away.

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    i am also trying to download 29 files i just purchased.  I clicked on the batch download link but nothing happens.  Please tell me step by step how i can download all the files.  Thanks.

    By Catlovr  -   - 
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    Hi @Catlovr - The batch dowload option mentioned above was a Javascript and has since been deemed out of date.  What we have now (until our Batch Download gets refreshed) is a Bash Script option. It's a little unusual, but as long as you follow these directions it works like a dream - I use it myself. 

    Directions for Mac: 

    * open “Terminal” app
    * type “pwd” - terminal will show you which folder you’re in, e.g.: “/Users/johnsmith/desktop”
    * to change the folder in terminal type “cd” + what folder you want to open - e.g. “cd downloads” for your downloads folder
    * click on “bash script” in your Downloads page - it will suggest you save the script on your computer - save it in the same place the Terminal is at, in my example it’s the desktop.
    * go to terminal and type “sh scriptname.sh” e.g.: “sh download1234567.sh” (script name = whatever the bash script saved as)
    * the script will download your purchase

    Your terminal commands should look similar to this:
    Last login: Tue Apr 18 16:52:48 on ttys000
    Lawrences-MacBook-Pro-4:~ Lawrence$ pwd
    Lawrences-MacBook-Pro-4:~ Lawrence$ cd downloads
    Lawrences-MacBook-Pro-4:downloads Lawrence$ sh download2767422.sh
    Download 042240342 cotton field around mountain l.mov

    If you have ANY issues with this, please send your query to support@pond5.com and we'll help you right away!

    By Lawrence  -   - 
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