This MAY require the submission of cue sheets


I found some great music as a backtrack for my science podcast. I was just about to purchase it and then I saw "'Copyright Limitations' This media belongs to an artist that is a member of a performing rights organization. This may require the submission of cue sheets."

Firstly, how do I know if it requires cue sheets or not, the ambiguous warning notwithstanding?

Secondly, what are cue sheets?

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    Hi there,

    Cue sheets are used in the broadcast industry. The general rule of thumb with them is if you don't know what they are then you don't need to worry about them. This is why the warning seems so ambiguous. It's something that would come into play if you were going to distribute your work over national television or the like. No broadcaster will accept a work for broadcast without the accompanying cue sheet. Without it, they wouldn't know when to play it, for how long, at what volume, etc.

    Performing Rights Organizations collect royalties on behalf of artists using cue sheets. Again, this is something that would only come into play for you if you were going to broadcast your work. And even then, don't let the word "royalties" shake you. They aren't collecting them from you, but from the broadcasters themselves.

    I hope that clears everything up!

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    And this applies to FB and Youtube?

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    @Jimena - No, it only applies to broadcasts (TV and radio) and public performances (a play, for example), things like YouTube and Facebook do not count.

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