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a client sent me a film with music. He wants to use this music.
So I want to buy it, but I don't know where.
With Shazam you can listen and he recognize the song.
Is there s Shazam for stock music?

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    I'm afraid we don't have any systems or services like that. We do have some advanced search filters that can help find what you're looking for, but nothing with audio recognition capabilities.

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    Ok. No problem. It is a feature request. And maybe interesting for the entire industry.

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    It's a strong suggestion, but technically it would be incredibly difficult for us to implement. I can't in good conscience say this is something we'll ever have, but the idea that finding music, or similar tracks, should be easier is still valid. :)

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    Can't Shazam help you? Maybe if the whole stockmusic industry works together (pond5, Sonicfire, Audiojungle etctera). It's of everyones interest to be found.

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