Pond5 needs to contact/inform seller when there are messages in their account


I just realized that I had a message in my Pond5 mailbox from 7 months ago from a potential buyer with questions about my media. You can put the blame on me for not noticing this, but one obvious solution would be for Pond5 to have a simple way of contacting (email) a seller when they have new messages in their inbox.

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    Thanks for the feedback Paul, I'll be sure to pass that along.

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    Same here. Message 8 months ago. How about passing this along again Jonathan. Thank you.

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    @Jeffrey Hoffman - Hi Jeffrey, this feature has been implemented. You can configure notifications on this page:


    Simply set the option that says "Sitemail Notification" to "Yes" and you will be notified when a message is received by your account at Pond5.

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