Please work on your search engine! I've just entered exact name of my audio, searched by "name" and guess what? I doesn't appear... How can new artist get knowed, if the older users have monopol for search? For me that's sick. It's killing the competition... There are some users that have about 50 songs and no plays!!!! Maybe the search algorithm could be a little more friendly for newcomers? I think alternately search would be much better. Other stocks have those kind of features. The client will have fresh view on the products and some new artist could appear on the stage. Please consider my message.

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    Hi Michal,

    Our search engine does not support searching by artist name. Instead, file titles and keyword tags are the primary variables, so it's very important that you appropriately title and tag your content so that it will appear when a user searches for it. The algorithm itself is designed to be as fair as possible to everyone.

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    Could you add your artist name to the keyword tags and have the search engine pick it up that way? Just a thought.

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