Selling MOV and MP4 Versions Together? Pricing.


How can I link and sell the .mov and .mp4 versions of the same clip together? I am new at selling, but in the past, have purchased, and always got multiple versions of a clip. How can I do this?

Also, the edit is telling me the price must be set at $10 or more. How can I set the price for less?

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    Hi Jane,

    Our system can do conversions for buyers into h.264, prores, and photojpeg, so it's not necessary to upload a clip with multiple codecs. Many of our buyers have the easiest time working with h.264, so that's a strong choice, but you can submit anything so long as it meets our specification guidelines.

    You cannot set the price lower than $10 for SD/HD video, as per our minimum pricing requirements. We are aware that some artists have some content priced below our listed minimums, but please rest assured that this is a temporary state of affairs.

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    Your system "can do". Does that work automatically, or do you need to do a setting? I am mostly reliant on a 20 GB wifi hotspot, so MP4 is the best for me to upload, so as not to max out my plan, or crash free wifi I might use.

    Is h.264 the same as MP4? I thought h.264 was the sound.

    Sorry for all the questions, I am new at this, and just learning the ropes!

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    There is no action necessary on your part. If a customer requests a conversion, we'll perform the necessary steps, no worries. Go ahead and upload your content however is easiest for you.

    Mp4 and Mov are file formats, not codecs. A file of one format could require one of several different video codecs. Additionally, audio has it's own set of codecs, so a video with sound may require two codecs, one for video and one for audio. A codec is a set of instructions that tells your computer how to open the file and what to do with it.

    No problem Jane, we're here to help. :)

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