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Can a seller organize his media into collections so that when buyers browse collections his photos show up in that collection?

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    Why yes, indeed you can! Take a peak at our collections help center entry for all the details on how to use the collections feature.


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    You need to up the limit on collections. As a seller it would be great to have collections for media on various topics. I could put all my "Action" clips in a folder and then separate out other clips into a "Nature" collection. As of now collections aren't worth a whole lot to your site.

    If you lift the limit of 30 clips in a collection, then there are so many more possibilities collections can be used for.

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    The "official answer" and link refer ONLY to buyers and are of no use to sellers. Or am I missing something? If you know the answer as it relates to sellers, please post it here.

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    @Tom - That's not true. Collection functionality is the same for buyers and sellers, so the link contains instructions relevant to both classes of user. Are you having trouble with collections? Feel free to email support directly for more in depth support: support@pond5.com

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