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I used some music from this website for my short film. When I submit for a festival, what should I do for the credit?
Sorry i couldn't find this question from topics.

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    Thanks for your inquiry! Here is the article regarding Production credits: http://help.pond5.com/hc/articles/200944673

    You may credit us however you like! We encourage crediting our Content, and how you choose to do so, is ultimately your choice. We suggest crediting the artist's username: "Additional animation by exampleuser, Pond5.com".

    Many times people simply use, "Stock Media Provided by Pond5", or list the track/usernames of pieces in their work. We understand, and are flexible with what works for your production.

    Should you have more questions, you are also welcome to write in to us at support@pond5.com for fastest response time :)


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    I have the same question as above.

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