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I use Pond5 a lot, and I love it - but I hate the search function (or lack thereof). For instance: a while back, I downloaded a test file for a song entitled "inspiration-uplifting-optimist". I know for a fact it came from Pond5. But I have been searching for almost an HOUR and haven't found it.
So - first suggestion: implement a basic TITLE SEARCH. Also a TITLE BROWSE and SORT, that actually sorts by TITLE and not keyword/tag!! . (i.e. "Insipiration Uplifting Optimist" gets sorted under "I" and not "U" or "O")
For a database this size, this is absolutely crucial. And really shouldn't be that hard.

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    While we don't have a title browse feature, we do allow you to search by clip title. Note that this can be different from the actual file name, which we do not support searching for.

    Additionally, when you download a preview file from Pond5, the file name always begins with the clipID, which you can punch directly into the search bar to return just that file. Keep in mind that you'll have to clear any filters you may have set for this to work. If the file you downloaded did not begin with a clipID number, then it may not have come from us.

    Your suggestion about the browse feature is a great one! Thanks for taking the time to make it, I'll be sure to pass it along. :)

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