Allowing Music Packs and Alternate Versions by including an additional optional file in music sale


Hi Pond5,

I think a lot of people would agree with me that it would be great if we could include alternate versions or .zip/.rar files with extra variations or additional tracks to be included in the download alongside the main file. For instance I'd love to be able to upload both an mp3 and wav file for each of my music tracks. Other royalty sites indeed do this, and it seems to be pretty successful (it expands the number of potential buyers, some people ONLY want WAV and won't settle for mp3, while others think WAV is too bulky or difficult to work with - I don't know why...)

On top of this, I have a great new idea for an upcoming project that would work REALLY well with a bulk download collection/music pack. I really think just an extra .zip or .rar file to stick alongside the main download file would fix all of these issues. Surely that won't be all that hard to do? Music packs themselves might earn Pond5, and it's artists a lot of revenue, and I think this is a feature that NEEDS to be explored!

Hope everyone agrees!

Peace out!

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    Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Actually, a lot of what you've described is already on Pond5. We can associate files together so that they appear on the same page as different versions, be it because of length, format, codec, style, or something else.

    While you cannot sell "packages" of items at Pond5, you can create collections to show off groups of particular items. Collections can also be shared over the web and social media, so they're great for marketing. But I can pass along that here is a desire to sell groups of items together.

    We do have a batch downloader that buyers can use to download items in bulk. And we also have an Adobe Premiere Plugin that offers many handy features.

    Thanks again Jordan! :)

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    мои работы проверены или нет???

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    indeed you already have a similar system but buyers should be able to buy a "pack" of versions for the same (or slightly more) as a single version.
    This would be a "value-added" sales system that would attract even more end users to using the site.

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