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Hi dear POND5 Support,

I think it would be really great to get the chance to manually sort media bins on artist page and tracks in each collection. What do you..btw other sellers think about this feature?

Thank you,


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    Hi there,

    That's a great suggestion, thank you! I'll pass that along to the team. :)

    Our collections feature was largely designed with buyers in mind, but over time sellers have come to use the feature as a sort of "wares display", which we think is great! Trouble is, the feature wasn't designed with that sort of use in mind, so it leaves a bit to be desired. This is something we talk about frequently, and we're always collecting feedback and suggestions like yours so we can improve this and other features at the site.

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    As a buyer, I would like to be able to organize my bins for my clients. Also,I noticed that if I am not signed in, and I'm browsing and saving content in my bin, if I change my search, all of the footage I have saved dissapears. That should be corrected if possible.

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    @ Launa - Hi, thanks for sharing your feedback. We do want to add more functionality to the collections at some point, so I'll pass that along. But I'm afraid that we can't make collections saveable for users who are not logged into an account.

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