Replace/update media files that are "pending review"


Given the two months wait time many users are experiencing for their submissions, there should be a way to replace the uploaded media file. Two months is plenty of time to improve editing techniques, so it's currently a matter of weighing whether it's worth uploading a better file and restarting the long review process or just riding out whatever time is left in the process with the lesser-quality file.

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    Hi Justin,

    Anytime you're resubmitting something that's already online, just include a note for the curators explaining that situation. You can even include the clipID for the online item you're trying to replace. This will help the curators review your content much more quickly. Though you're right that this wouldn't' work for items that are in the curation queue.

    Rather than offering band-aid solutions to the long wait times, we're focusing on reducing the wait times back to something reasonable. One or two month wait times are actually pretty common for reviews in the stock media industry, but Pond5 strives to be better than those who came before. We want our wait times back down at 4 - 6 business days, so that's out goal. :)

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