Possible to replace existing items?


Hey guys,

Say we 'up' the quality of a track and wish to re-upload it over the original (to keep all the tags and info etc.) is it possible to do this?

Then all buyers of that track could get notified of an update to their purchased track and can download the new version if they want.


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    Hi Paulo,

    Sure, there is a way to do this, though there are a few steps involved...

    1. First, you'll want to download your CSV file (click on the appropriate format tab, video/verbose video/music/etc, then click on "download CSV file").

    2. Now you can add the metadata back into the new files using the CSV file you downloaded. Just change the clipIDs to the new numbers, and you'll essentially be copying and pasting the metadata to the new items.

    3. When you upload your replacement items, include a note to the curator explaining that "...this is a replacement for clipID (clip number here)."

    4. Once your replacement items are online, you can write in to customer support to ask us to move the sales/views stats over from the old item to the new one. Just send an email to <support@pond5.com with both the old and new clipIDs. We'll move the sales/views over for you, then we can help you delete the old items too.

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    ok cool, thanks!

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