how long does an image take to get reviewed?


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    The wait time on photos is on the longer side right now, currently at 19 days. Other media formats are much faster, with 9 days for video and 5 days for audio.

    Rest assured, we have a team of photo curators working as hard as they can to get through the submissions. If you have more items to upload, go ahead and do that. Waiting until your current batch is approved will only mean waiting longer, as everything is curated in the order it is received.

    Curation times is something we struggle with. While anything less than 30 days beats the industry standard and how long our competition takes, we don't feel like that's acceptable. Reasonable curation times for us are all less than a week, ideally more like two to four business days. We're not there yet, but that's our goal. :)

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    I would also like to know this, A little disappointed with how long it takes thus far...

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    Also wondering about this. Given Pond 5's wonderful user interface and seller features, this has been a big surprise. It's been a full week so far for my first clip submission. :/

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    Forever...Waiting over a week now. Read in forum that it took 3 weeks in some cases. Screams for improvement.

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    My first 2 or 3 video clips took a little over 3 weeks to be reviewed and put online :/ . Made me almost feel like giving up because i never knew if it would ever upload! If this problem is fixed, it will make all of us beginners a little more confident.

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    A year later it is a 2 month wait time!

    What happened to your goal of 2 - 4 business days?

    Time to put on more staff...

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