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A lot of the sounds are great - but every once in a while, a category is flooded by a certain artist, and I know (from listening to dozens of their files) that this is definitely not the direction I want.

It would help a lot to exclude a certain artist in a search, simply because their style doesn't fit what you're looking for.

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    We've had some form of an exclusion filter on the to-do list before, I think that's still a good idea for the reasons you highlighted. I'll bring this up with the team again. Thanks!

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    such a good idea!

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    It's really needed. I am searching for "green screen animals" and videos are flooded by cheap, unrealistic 3D animation clips from "artists" like BestOfGreenscreen or timepassages.

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    I also think it's a good idea. But I would like to make a comment regarding the poster from 14days ago who referred to the two other artists in his or her post. No offense, but I don't think it's a good idea to insult another artist who might not have what you are looking for. It cheapens the artist, and it also cheapens the efforts of the curator who approved the artist's work. It seems a little unprofessional in my opinion. Again, no offense intended.

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